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Enhance size and shape, all with one procedure

No part of the body is spared by the aging process, including the breasts. Once full and perky breasts may lose volume over time and begin to sag and droop as the muscles weaken. Even younger women may experience sagging and loss of volume after pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonal changes, or significant weight loss.

Breast implants can restore volume and give the breasts a younger, fuller appearance, and for women with minor sagging, implants may be enough to correct the problem. However, breast augmentation combined with breast lift surgery is needed to correct severe sagging and loss of breast volume.

Choosing the right surgeon

If you need breast augmentation with a lift, it is important to choose your surgeon carefully. You need a doctor with extensive experience and a successful track record performing aesthetic plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Alexander Sinclair is a board certified plastic surgeon with a reputation for surgical excellence who has been serving the greater Los Angeles area for more than 30 years.

Sinclair Plastic Surgery has offices in Whittier and Beverly Hills. When you come to our office to see Dr. Sinclair, you see Dr. Sinclair – not a patient coordinator or surgical assistant. He will listen attentively to your goals and concerns, evaluate your anatomy, and devise the best surgical procedure to achieve your goals in breast appearance, shape, and size.

You can expect a warm and compassionate environment and the highest standard of care. Most importantly, when Dr. Sinclair performs your breast augmentation with lift procedure, you can expect to achieve the agreed-up results.

Breast Augmentation with Lift Procedure

One advantage to combining breast augmentation with a breast lift is that both procedures can be performed in one operative session. By combining both surgeries, less skin is removed which results in less scarring. Down time for both procedures performed together is no greater than for either procedure performed on its own.

Implants fill up extra skin, fill out the top portion of the breasts, and improve the projection of the breasts. Better breast shape can often be achieved when breast augmentation and lift are performed together.

After careful evaluation, Dr. Sinclair can custom-tailor the best breast augmentation and breast lift procedure for your specific anatomy, and to achieve a balanced, youthful profile. The implant may be placed beneath the pectoral muscle so its weight will not accelerate the rate of ptosis (abnormal drooping). Unless sagging is particularly severe, Dr. Sinclair may determine that crescent lift is the best option in your case. This procedure causes minimal scarring, using a small incision running halfway around the top edge of the areola.

Your plastic surgeon must choose the best options in several aspects of your breast augmentation surgery with lift, including:

  • Type of implants
  • Size of implants
  • Placement of implants (under or over the muscle)
  • Type of breast lift (incision placement)

You can have confidence that Dr. Sinclair has the skills and experience to recommend the most effective procedure to meet your needs, for beautiful results. You can also look forward to a pleasant treatment experience with a caring, attentive physician in a comfortable, non-intimidating environment.

If your breasts have lost volume and begun to sag, contact Sinclair Plastic Surgery for a consultation. Dr. Sinclair will be happy to discuss your concerns and give you his full attention. After evaluating your anatomy, he can tell you if breast augmentation with lift is the right surgical option to restore your youthful curves.

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