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Elevate your breasts with a breast lift

It is not only size that makes a woman’s breasts beautiful and alluring but also their shape, position, and projection. High, perky breasts give the body a curvy, youthful appearance, enhancing a woman’s feminine appeal and self-confidence. When breasts begin to sag, it can detract from the silhouette, lower self-esteem, and make a woman look and feel older. Fortunately, this problem can be corrected with a custom tailored breast lift procedure called a mastopexy.

Dr. Sinclair's office is one of the most popular destinations for patients to get a breast lift in Beverly Hills. Dr. Alexander Sinclair elevates, reshapes, and rejuvenates sagging breasts. He is a board certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience in all types of aesthetic plastic surgery, and particularly breast surgery. When you come to Sinclair Plastic Surgery for a breast lift, you will find a physician who is attentive, caring, and committed to surgical excellence.

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What Causes Sagging Breasts?

No one is immune to the ravages of time, and gravity is never kind when it comes to the breasts. Ptosis (drooping breasts) is a natural consequence of aging. Cooper’s ligaments – the connective tissue that keeps the breasts high and perky – are composed of collagen and elastin, which begins to break down as we age. To compound the problem, when a woman goes through menopause, fat replaces dense glandular tissue and the breasts become more likely to sag. Small-breasted women may have some advantage in this regard, but given enough time, even small breasts can succumb to the effects of gravity. That is why a mastopexy is required to rejuvenate your breasts.

The Breasts Post Pregnancy

However, aging is not the only culprit. Motherhood is indeed one of life’s most fulfilling experiences, but most mothers will agree that it can also do terrible things to the breasts. Hormonal changes cause the breasts to become enlarged and engorged during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Weight gain of at least 20 to 30 lbs. is normal and expected during pregnancy. While you may enjoy your naturally enhanced breasts during your pregnancy, the additional breast volume can cause the ligaments to stretch and the breasts to droop when pregnancy is over and your baby weaned.

Weight-loss and Breast Lift

Significant weight loss is another common cause of sagging breasts in women of all ages. For overweight people, the decision to make lifestyle changes and lose the weight can have many health benefits and do fabulous things for one’s overall appearance. Unfortunately, however, when ligaments have been stretched to accommodate substantially greater weight, the breasts often droop and sag after the weight is lost. Breast lifts in Beverly Hills are also very common for women who are aging. That is why consulting with a competent cosmetic surgeon that understands the importance of having breasts that suit your desires is vital. Dr. Sinclair works diligently with his patients to achieve the results they deserve.

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Types of Breast Lifts

Aesthetic plastic surgeons have a number of options for incision placement in breast lift surgery. Dr. Sinclair will consider several factors in recommending the best breast lift procedure for you, including the degree of sagging, the amount of excess skin, your existing breast tissue and anatomy, size and position of the areola, skin quality and elasticity, and your personal goals for treatment.

In cases of minimal sagging, breast implants may be sufficient to correct the problem. Breast lift surgery is necessary to correct sagging that is more severe. If you have more than minimal sagging and also want more volume, the two surgeries can be combined in a breast augmentation with lift procedure. Implants with breast lift surgery can serve to fill in the excess skin, fill out the upper breast area, and enhance breast projection.

Crescent Lift

This procedure involves a small incision running along the edge of the areola in the top half of the breast. The crescent lift is often performed when a breast lift and breast augmentation are combined. This technique is not generally appropriate when breast sagging is more than minimal.

Lollipop (Vertical) Lift

The lollipop lift is commonly used to correct moderate sagging and re-shape the breasts. It gets its name from the shape formed by the two incisions. A vertical incision running from the edge of the areola to the crease at the bottom of the breast forms the “stick” and a circular incision all the way around the areola forms the “lollipop.” This technique allows the surgeon to reshape the entire breast and remove excess skin with modest scarring.

Anchor (Inverted T) Lift

The anchor lift may be appropriate for patients with considerable sagging and pendulous breasts. It allows the surgeon to remove significant amounts of sagging tissue and excess skin. It is also a common procedure when a breast lift is combined with breast reduction surgery. The technique involves three incisions: around the edge of the areola; vertically from the bottom of the areola to the inframammary fold at the bottom of the breast; and horizontally across the breast fold. This procedure does leave some visible scarring, which can be expected to fade over time with proper care.

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Modified Breast Lift

An alternative surgical option for correcting sagging breasts is the modified breast lift, also known as the Benelli lift (named for French surgeon Louis Benelli). The main disadvantage of the Benelli lift is that it is not appropriate for correcting very prominent drooping or to produce dramatic change in very large breasts.

Advantages of a Benelli Lift

A modified breast lift procedure has several advantages for moderate-scope breast lift surgery, including:

  • Less visible scarring
  • Fewer risks and complications
  • Easier recovery
  • Minimally invasive incisions
  • Allows for reshaping the areola
  • Excellent breast shaping results

In a modified breast lift, an incision is made all the way around the areola. Excess tissue is removed in a donut shape from around the areola and the breast is tightened and reshaped. The scars left by this procedure are not visible when a woman is wearing swimwear or underwear. Over time, the scars will fade and blend into the areola.

The Benelli lift, also known as the donut lift, is often performed when implants are being placed in conjunction with a breast lift. This is also an effective technique for reducing the size or correcting asymmetry of the areolas.

Surgery and Recovery Timeline

Dr. Alexander Sinclair ensures every patient is well informed as to what occurs during the surgery and what to expect in terms of recovery.

  • Pre-Op: You will be made ready for surgery with Dr. Sinclair and his nurses.
  • Surgery: The surgery will take around 1 1/2 hours.
  • Recovery Room: Federal Law requires that all surgery patients stay in the recovery room for observation for at least a hour.
  • Post-Op: You will be given post surgery instructions from Dr. Sinclair with antibiotics and pain medication for the first week of recovery.
  • One Week: You will need to replace the dressings twice per day to help avoid infections.
  • Two Weeks: Sutures removed.
  • Three Weeks: After a breast examination, Dr. Sinclair will reevaluate your progress and let you know if it is safe to return to safe activities.
  • Four Weeks: By this point you should be able to go back to most usual daily activities and may wear bras with an underwire.
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What to expect

At Sinclair Plastic Surgery, a breast lift is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. After Dr. Sinclair makes the surgical incisions, he will gently lift and reshape the underlying breast tissue to improve the contour and firmness of your breasts and to remove excess skin. He will reposition the nipple and areola for a more youthful appearance and, if necessary, reduce the size of the areola by removing skin at the perimeter.


What happens with a breast lift?

After reshaping the breasts and removing excess skin, Dr. Sinclair will tighten the remaining skin and close the incision. Sutures are layered deep within the breast tissue to support the new shape of the breasts. Surgical tape, skin adhesives, or sutures may be used to close the incision in the skin.

How long does it take?

The breast lift procedure usually takes approximately 1 to 3 hours. Shortly after the surgery (or when the effects of anesthesia have worn off) you will be able to return home to recover. You will wear a surgical bra home to support your breasts and continue wearing it for the initial phase of your recovery (1 to 14 days).

What happens after breast lift surgery is complete?

You can expect some soreness and swelling after breast lift surgery. Pain and discomfort will be minimal and temporary, and is easily alleviated with oral pain medication. You can return to work approximately one week after surgery, provided you have a job that is not physically demanding. Avoid strenuous activity for one month after surgery. Sutures are usually removed approximately 2 weeks after surgery.

How much does a breast lift cost?

A breast lift can be done a few different ways, a Crescent lift, a Lollipop lift, an Anchor lift, a Modified breast lift, all of which have different aspects to them. The average cost in the Los Angeles area is $4,000 but when you have your consultation with Dr. Sinclair he will be able to lay out what the best approach is for you to reach your breast goals.

Recovery after surgery

Bear in mind that you will need to sleep on your back for the first several weeks after breast lift surgery. If you are accustomed to sleeping on your side or your stomach, you may need to place some extra pillows at the sides of your body to prevent rolling over in your sleep.

How long does it take to fully heal?

You will be able to see the results of your Beverly Hills breast lift surgery immediately, although it will take some time for post-surgical swelling to subside. Your incision lines will also fade over time, and satisfaction with your new, perkier profile should continue to grow.

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Why choose Dr. Sinclair?

No woman wants sagging breasts at any age. Fortunately, in the 21st Century, we have options to correct physical conditions that keep us from looking and feeling our best. Whether you are a young woman with slight post-pregnancy drooping and loss of volume or an older woman with more severe sagging, our experienced cosmetic surgeon has a reputation for giving some of the best results in a breast lift Los Angeles has to offer, Dr. Sinclair, can lift, reshape, and rejuvenate your breasts.

What happens at the consultation?

Los Angeles based Sinclair Plastic Surgery has offices in Beverly Hills and Whittier. Dr. Alexander Sinclair has the surgical skills and compassionate bedside manner that is unrivaled in Southern California. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience and a member of a number of medical associations like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Board of Plastic Surgery and others. He will give you his full attention, listen carefully to your treatment goals, address all your concerns, answer all your questions, and recommend the right breast lift procedure to transform your sagging breasts to a shapelier, perkier, more youthful breast you can be proud of.

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